Mabel's Garden

Inspired by Love & Nature

Mabel’s Garden was created with love as a special place in remembrance of my daughter Charlotte Mabel. Bringing together my passion for nature and photography, my goal is to inspire others to bring the healing simplicity of nature into their lives and help them to build connections with our natural world.

I’m Lyndell Maree, passionate nature lover, cancer survivor and mama to three beautiful girls, one no longer here with us. I love discovering the tiny details and listening to the quiet sounds of nature, whether that be in my own garden or exploring the magnificent environment of Australia.

Lyndell Maree

Photographer and head gardener


Nature and the environment have always been a strong passion of mine. Photography allows me to notice those small details and capture a moment.

My hope is to share the secret natural worlds I find and bring a little peace, healing, and connection to nature into people’s lives.

Gardening is my therapy t-shirt, green colour

Mabel’s Garden

Bring nature in


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