Mabel's Garden Sunflower Field

Welcome to Mabel’s Garden

If you need a moment of quiet beauty, a pause in your day, I hope you will visit us here in Mabel's Garden, where love grows.

This is a place of my own creation in memory of my daughter who was stillborn. Her name is Charlotte Mabel. I know the name Mabel is old fashioned, it is one of the reasons why I like it, but it also means ‘my beloved’ and that is what she is to me and this is my beloved’s garden.

I have always loved being outdoors and have many memories of heading off on adventures with my brothers, going camping in the middle of nowhere with my Dad or trekking along another hours long walk through an Australian rainforest with my Mum.

I love the unique quiet that is found outside. Because it is not really quiet. If you sit still and listen you can hear tiny life buzzing, growing, moving, calling. That amazing hum of life.

After my daughter died I found comfort in connecting with her in nature. She was the most beautiful, delicate little thing. I remember holding her and just staring at her sweet face for hours, wanting to soak up every detail. I find now, when I go out in nature I am always looking for tiny details and the beauty in natural patterns.

My dream has always been to build a garden in memory of my daughter. For now it is just a Pinterest board of ideas and an Instagram feed of photographs I have taken, but hopefully soon, with moving to our own home I can start to put all those ideas into a garden for our family, a place to sit and remember her that is our very own.

But for now I will continue to carry my camera with me everywhere, put up with the quizzical stares from others as I lay flat on the ground in a flower bed trying to get that shot, visit the National Parks and Botanic Gardens and knock on doors asking ‘is it ok if I take a picture of the pretty flowers in your garden?’.

So if you need a moment of quiet beauty, a pause in your day, I hope you will visit us here in Mabel’s Garden, where love grows. xo

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