About LyndellMaree

Nature and the environment have always been a strong of passion mine. Now with two active children, I find time spent outside, going on mini-adventures or teaching them about their world, have respect for it and their place in it are a high priority for us.

Yellow water Lilly in a pond

Through out my life I have always found healing in the outdoors. I love discovering the tiny details and listening to the quiet sounds of nature, whether that be in my own garden or exploring the magnificent environment of Australia.

My hope is to share the secret natural worlds I find and bring a little peace, healing, and connection to nature into people’s lives.

Connect with Nature


In 2011, Charlotte Mabel was stillborn. She was small, beautiful, delicate. I remember holding her and just staring at her sweet face for hours. I wanted to remember every detail. I was so scared of forgetting her.

Remembrance Photography is a way to bring some comfort and beauty and the chance of a memory created for love.

I want share the beauty and love of nature I find. Nature prints are a way to bring nature into your home.